Your Writing is Sacred #AmWriting #Journey

Your writing is sacred. You uncover who God is as you write.

Jason Muckley
Photo by Tadej Skofic on Unsplash

Writing can a practice of the holy. When you write, you learn things. You learn things about yourself and the world around you. You, also, can learn things about God.

There are things in life that can only be discovered by taking that next step of observation. Seeing something one more step deeper than you usually see it. What is it about that sunset? What is drawing me to those mountains over there? What is it about the moment of silence when the breeze caresses your face and every other thought fades away? Your senses are heightened. Ears hear more clearly. Your eyes see things that normally are invisible. The atmosphere has a new taste. The scent in the air is unlike anything you have ever experienced. An invisible presence is palpable all around you.

Writing has a way of taking you to that place. It is a sacred space. There is a transference to the observer something that is not typically known or experienced in the natural world.

Have you ever experienced that before? Do you want to?

– Jason



  1. You’ve nailed it, Jason. There are “deepening grounds” all around us, and taking the time to write about those experiences we take for granted daily, where the divine pushes into our temporal lives, is essential to truly living and being who we were uniquely created to be. Without it, we cannot fully share what we have to offer a hurting and hungry world. Bravo!

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