Deadline by Randy Alcorn #BookReview #Christian #Mystery

“Deadline” by Randy Alcorn

Wow! “Deadline” by Randy Alcorn was surprisingly a great book! I really enjoyed it. It is a “Christian” mystery/thriller novel so it might not appeal to everyone.

A group of old friends and their wives get together every week to watch their favorite football team, Doc, Jake and Finney. The group goes out to pickup pizza at halftime when their car unexpectedly careens off the road landing all three of them in the ICU.

From there the book goes into the life and death consequences of our actions, a discussion on heaven and hell, what it might be like and one man’s spiritual journey. These themes were the most impactful part of the book, however, when foul play is suspected in the car crash, that begins the unraveling of an unexpected mystery.

The book is engaging and enjoyable. It is a page-turner and a very quick read. Definitely recommend! The book is a series involving the same local police detective, Ollie Chandler, and various mysteries he solves.

Get a copy of “Deadline” by Randy Alcorn on Amazon here.


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