Giveaways #Poetry #Journey

Photo by John-Mark Smith on Unsplash

i can’t give away my poetry
because you think you know me
my unassuming epidermis
my haircut that hasn’t changed for over 20 years
discussions about work
and favorite shows on netflix
you don’t really know me
these words are my deepest and darkest
these words are my innermost thoughts
even some of those thoughts
don’t grace these pages
all those who’ve seen them
have left
rejected me or abandoned me
except for the person I paid to hear those thoughts
to listen to my heart
to draw out things I didn’t even know
to share my poetry with someone I know
is terrifying
a horror show of self-doubt
with the fear of rejection
looming in the shadows
this poetry is the closest you will get
to knowing me
to hearing the faintest notes of my heart
and it’s too close

© 2022 Jason A. Muckley


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