Take Back – Mighty Warrior Apparel on Teespring #New #Apparel

Take Back – Mighty Warrior — Triblend Tee

So I got inspired tonight to do something that I haven’t had much success at in the past.

I designed some new “Mighty Warrior” apparel on Teespring!

Take Back – Mighty Warrior – Women’s Comfort Tee

These shirts, hoodies, and tank tops were inspired from some quiet time I was having as I reflected on turning 38 (Yesterday was my 38th birthday).

As I prayed, I felt like God was saying that this was the year of “Take Back.” There is an old song by Will Reagan/United Pursuit by the same name that I wholeheartedly recommend. Part of the the words here are from a line in that song.

Take Back – Mighty Warrior — Triblend Tee

Then I designed this sick shield for the back. I feel like in my prayers, back and forth with God, he often calls me “mighty warrior.” I feel like it is something he is nudging me into because most days I don’t “feel” too mighty. I know God has some awesome plans for my life and I often think I miss those, but I am trying to grow in it.

Take Back – Mighty Warrior Hoodie

Anyways, if this shirt, hoodie, tank top interests you, go to my Teespring store and consider buying one. I only make a few dollars on each sale, but I feel like this is something I want to share with anyone who is interested. Below are more of the available offerings at my store:

JMuck’s Tees

Take Back – Mighty Warrior – Women’s Tank Top
Kids Tee – Purple

Check out my store on Teespring: JMuck’s Tees



  1. Congrats on your tee spring store! I didn’t even know you had a store. Happy birthday 🎉 and the design looks awesome. I like the hoodie best

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