You Hold It All Together by Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM #Inspiration #Worship

Wow! I love finding a “new” song to me that I overlooked or somehow never heard when it came out and then I hear it for the first time right when I need it the most.

This version of “You Hold It All Together” performed by Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM is amazing! It’s a long one, but stick with it, there is power in the music and the lyrics. Reading through the lyrics it is a “simple song” but there is a depth to it as you engage in the Presence of God. Let the Holy Spirit speak to you where you are at in your story. Offer up your life “story” and let Him come in and radically alter your future!

“You Hold It All Together” Lyrics by Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM:

You come,
At the right time,
When I least expect it,
Never behind

So why,
Would I be surprised,
When you deliver,
Every time

On mountaintops
You stay the same
In valleys low
You never change

And I believe that I will see
The goodness of the Lord
I’m confident as seasons change
Your faithfulness remains

You go
You go before me
To prepare a blessing
You make a way

It’s more
Than I could imagine
More than I can fathom
Or comprehend

God of my present
God of my future
You write my story
You hold it all together

Here also are some of the “spontaneous” lyrics that the Holy Spirit was speaking through the musicians later in the song:

You are the Alpha
And You’re Omega
You’re in the middle
You hold it all together

You’re not just at the beginning
And You’re not just watching from the end
But You’re walking with me in the middle
You are the God of the middle
You are Jehovah in the middle
You’re Provider in the middle
You’re Healer in the middle
You’re my Keeper in the middle

Get Maverick City Music x UPPERROOM’s “You Hold It All Together” on Amazon here.


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