Stanley Adventure Stay Hot 3 Qt Camp Crock #GiftIdeas #OnSale

Stanley Adventure Stay Hot 3 Qt Camp Crock

This looks cool! It would be a perfect accessory for camping season. Now, you can’t cook with it, but it will store your hot foods for 12 hours and cold foods for 16 hrs. This 3-quart vacuum insulated stainless steel camp crock pot is normally $70, but is on sale now for just $35.05 (49% off list)!

This would be great if you made a stew before you left for your trip and wanted to eat it for dinner or if you have something you made on your campfire that you want to have again in the morning.

TOUGH AND DURABLE: Manufactured using 18/8 stainless steel material, where lids are made from BPA Free plastic, it also comes with a durable grip handle which makes it easy and convenient to carry and serve food.

LEAK-PROOF LOCKING LID: When locked down by the lid’s latches, the inner silicone gasket makes an air tight seal The hook on the bottom of the lid allows it to hang on the side of the crock while serving.

While this product is marketed for camping, it would also work great for tailgating or bringing a warm dish to a party. This is a versatile, practical accessory that I would love to get for a Christmas or birthday gift.

Get a “Stanley Adventure Stay Hot 3 Qt Camp Crock” from Amazon here.


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