When You Are Alone on a Holiday #Poetry #Journey

Photo by Damir Yakupov on Unsplash

when you are alone on a holiday
it is just like any other day
except there are no expectations
to do anything
to be anything
it is a hard-earned, well-deserved respite
from the grind of working from home
working in the office
feeding hungry mouths
refereeing disputes between siblings
calming overactive and loud toddlers
and having to be the perfect dad
don’t get me wrong I cherish the time
spent with my favorite children
especially on holidays
but a day like this is special
sleeping in as late as I can
without an alarm clock set
enjoying a long, uninterrupted shower
soaking in the steam soothing every muscle
a day where comfort wins over style
my favorite hoodie and jeans
to lounge around in all day
it is the introvert’s dream really
alone with his thoughts
retreating into rejuvenation
banish every condemning thought of laziness
rest is holy
rest is a God-given command
once you are refreshed you can call up friends
seek out family
work on projects around the house
if you want
but that is the point
when you are alone on a holiday

© 2021 Jason A. Muckley



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