Homecoming by Bethel Music featuring Cory Asbury and Gable Price #Inspiration #Worship

Bethel Music has a new worship album, Homecoming, which will be released next week on September 24, 2021. The title track, Homecoming was released on YouTube in early September, and you can watch it here:

I love this song, as it is a reminder of our homecoming with our bridegroom Jesus at the wedding of the lamb. It is the fulfillment of so many promises that God has for us to come. It is a prophetic song singing of the glorious future that awaits those who believe.

Homecoming” lyrics by Bethel Music:

Lord I confess that I’ve been a criminal
I’ve stolen your breath and sang my own song
And Lord I confess that I’m far from innocent
These shackles I wear I bought on my own

Scarlet sins had a crimson cost
You nailed my debt to that old rugged cross
An empty slate, at the empty grave
Thank God that stone was rolled (away)

Lord I confess I’ve been the prodigal
Made for Your house but walked my own roads
Then Jesus came and tore down my prison walls
Death came to life when He called me by name

And I can see it now
Smiling in heaven
You and I, You and I

I see bright crimson robes draped over the ashes
A wide open tomb where there should be a casket
The children are singing and dancing and laughing
The Father is welcoming, this is our homecoming

Roses in bloom pushed up from the embers
Rivers of tears flow from good times remembered
Families are singing and dancing and laughing
The Father is welcoming, this is our homecoming

Heaven joins in with a glorious sound
And the great cloud of witnesses all gather ‘round
‘Cause the ones that were lost are finally found
The Father is welcoming, this is our homecoming

Oh, oh, oh, oh
The Father is welcoming, this is our homecoming

Can you see it now, standing on the shores of heaven
You and I and our families
Singing and dancing and laughing
There’s truly no place like home, yeah
Jesus, You’re so beautiful
See Him face to face


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