Carnaval Del Barrio #InTheHeights #Inspiration #Musical #FlyThisFlag

I love this scene! This is the best part of the movie! It is also my favorite song in the movie, “In the Heights.”

The beginning of this scene (song) is cut off. You can listen to the entire song via the clip below. After the “flag” portion of the song, there’s a theatrical trailer for the film.

It is such a fun and empowering song. It has energy. It is fun and funny. And it is packed with both the pride of these Latinx immigrants and their country of origin, but also their frustration and pain of the limited opportunities and options they face in the US.

I really enjoyed all of this film and heartily recommend it to everyone who is interested. I think there are some important themes to explore and to talk about. This film is a great jumping off point to getting to the deeper issues and problems that immigrants in this country face today.

The full song “Carnaval Del Barrio” from the film, In The Heights is below:


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