INTJ Relationship #Poetry #Journey

Photo by Patryk Sobczak on Unsplash

“If a relationship is filled with disrespecting boundaries, too much instability or surprises they couldn’t predict, or indirect communication, the relationship may become strained.”*

at the end
the relationship was absolute chaos
silently crying myself to sleep
in bed
or on the couch
most nights I left
to allow you to fall asleep
instead of being fodder
for another fight
the chaos continued into the day
incessantly calling at work
with desperate requests
blocking my path out of the driveway
spontaneous days away
without a timeline to return
a microcosm of the time
I endured with you

© 2021 Jason A. Muckley




  1. Love comes with a price of unconditional love and individual freedom. Both the party thoughts and desire have to be adjusted and accepted in their own favorable ways. It also requires a lot of personal sacrifices.


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