Matthews/Winters Park Hike 6/12/21 #Hiking #Journey

Red Rocks Trail / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2021

Matthews/Winters Parks (Morrison, CO)
Trails traveled: Village Walk Trail, Red Rocks Trail, Cherry Gulch Trail, Morrison Slide Trail,
Difficulty: Blue (Moderate),
Out-n-Back 6.6 miles, round-trip
Time: 2 hours
Weather: 95 °F, Sunny, Clear

  • Sunny
  • Hot
  • Clear
  • Wildflowers
  • Red Rocks
  • Butterflies
  • Partial Shade

Went for a hike this weekend. It was very sunny and very hot. Definitely needed the sunscreen and sunglasses. What I love about hiking in Colorado in May and June is that the rain has (mostly) all cleared up and left behind the most luscious green grass and wildflowers of every color.

I am going to show you what I mean… check out all the beautiful wildflowers I saw on my hike. There were also some beautiful pollinators too.

American Brooklime Flowers and Golden Asters / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2021

Lots of bright yellow flowers as well as some purple and blue flowers too dotted the trail throughout the park. There had to be 20+ types of flowers that I saw on the hike. There were probably even more than that, that I didn’t see.

Shrubby Cinquefoil Flowers with Butterfly / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2021

The pollinators (and birds) were out in full force on this hike.

Boulder Raspberry Flower / Photo by Jason A. Muckley © 2021

This hike had spots (Morrison Slide Trail and Cherry Gulch Trail) that were marked as “black” (hardest) on the map, but I didn’t find any spot during the hike to be that challenging. Nothing exceeded a “blue” hike in my opinion. The distance about 6 miles didn’t seem particularly long especially with the beautiful views of the surrounding flora.

For out-of-town visitors, this would be a good park for those wanting to visit Red Rocks Amphitheater as it is located directly north of that venue. The elevation gain was minimal.



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