the middle place by Rupi Kaur #Poetry #Journey

“The Sun and Her Flowers” by Rupi Kaur

never feel guilty for starting again
the middle place is strange
the part between them and the next
is an awakening from how you saw to
how you will see
this is where their charm wears off
where they are no longer
the god you made them out to be
when the pedestal you carved out of your
bone and teeth no longer serves them
they are unmasked and made mortal again

-the middle place by Rupi Kaur from “The Sun and Her Flowers”

I am re-reading Rupi Kaur’s second collection of poems, “The Sun and Her Flowers.” The second time through I am enjoying some of her poems in different ways than my first reading.

This poem in specific stood out. The meaning of it being about the evolution of a relationship. Having no one, getting over a bad one, and then this new person who you adore, then they become “real.” They become a person not a god. This is a normal process and sometimes we get caught up in the folly of putting them on a pedestal that no person deserves.

This is a powerful collection of poems.

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