Our Friend #MovieReview #Journey

“Our Friend” starring Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck and Jason Segel was an excellent film. It is the story of a friendship, husband Matt (Affleck) and wife Molly (Johnson), and their best friend Dane (Segel). The film is based on a true story about Dane Faucheaux, who put his life on hold for two years to care for his friends, who go through the harder time in their entire life.

The film was directed by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. The screenplay was written by Brad Ingelsby, based on an article published in Esquire, The Friend by Matthew Teague.

It was both a beautiful and heartbreaking film.

The film’s style is stream of consciousness, where the story is told in and out of time in a nonlinear fashion. While some bristle at this approach, I felt the usage of this for storytelling told a richer and more compelling story. What the family is facing is shrouded in mystery at the outset, as it tries to portray both aspects of euphoric love with painful grief. This format ties some of the best and hardest parts of the film together.

I felt like the story that Cowperthwaite and Ingelsby tells was real and relatable, even if you haven’t had to endure something like this before. Ultimately, I think the question the film is a mirror to the viewer about your own life, your loved ones, the people you are closest to, how would you respond with a similar prognosis, what if it happened to your best friend, what people are you surrounding yourself with if the worst thing possible was right around the corner?

I really loved this film. Despite its heavy subject, it is one I would definitely want to see again. It does a great job portraying grief and the most difficult aspects of it in a positive way when it relates to children.

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