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Cat’s Cafe © Matt Tarpley 6/28/2019

The comic strip above is from Matt Tarpley’s tumblr site Cat’s Cafe.

His popular webcomic “Cat’s Cafe” has been celebrated for its sensitive exploration of mental health issues, and he uses “Cat’s Cafe” to translate complex emotions into small cups of joy.

I discovered his book, “Cat’s Cafe” from my local library and it enchanted me! I loved reading through it all in one sitting and I think I will go buy myself a copy of it to read anytime I am facing complex emotions. It is an instant pick-me-up to help anyone dealing with anything to smile, have another cup of coffee, to breathe, and to reach out to a friend when you are in need.

This book would also make a great gift for a friend in need of some encouragement. There is a lot of wonderful techniques and reminders for readers to try for themselves in there. I really enjoyed this book and if someone bought me it I would be tickled pink!

Check out Matt’s tumblr to discover more fun comics like the one above, to acclimate yourself to his messages of positivity and to get a copy of his book.

I definitely recommend it!


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