Crashing In (Live) by Cory Asbury #Inspiration #Journey

Cory Asbury is one of my favorite Christian musicians. His songs cut to the heart and meet me right where I am at.

This spontaneous worship moment is a particularly inspirational song about communing with our Heavenly Father as a child. The live version of this song is available on Cory Asbury’s new album, “To Love a Fool – A Rooftop Experice (Live)”

Here are the lyrics for “Crashing In” by Cory Asbury:

Verse 1
I believe in a God who loves me well
Better than I can love myself
But I can’t seem to make sense of grace
And I feel unworthy of Your love most days
Yet You welcome me into Your holy place

With nothing to gain, nothing to lose
Nothing to show and nothing to prove
The weight of the world falls off my shoulders
As the weight of Your love comes crashing in
Come crashing in

Verse 2
I believe in a river that never runs dry
Fear’s washed away in the waters of life
No more playing it safe at the river’s edge
I let go and I dive right in
Trade fear for faith and I learn to swim

Verse 3
I believe in a God who loves me well
He’s teaching me how to love myself
Patiently, He fathers me
‘Cause growing up can be a delicate thing
And maybe being a kid is exactly where I’m supposed to be
It’s right where I’m supposed to be
It’s right where I’m supposed to be
Right here in Your arms, God

Written by Cory Asbury and Ethan Hulse


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