Playing Nice by JP Delaney #BookReview

“Playing Nice” by JP Delaney

JP Delaney’s latest psychological thriller, “Playing Nice” is every parent’s worst nightmare. Your toddler child was swapped by birth and the father of your biological father is a psychopath.

It starts out amicable. The other family is well-off, has a stable home, and your biological son seems to have everything he needs to thrive. The father though, has no boundaries, is very driven, and very particular about his biological child’s future for school, extracurricular activity, and hopes for his future. After rebuffing some of the other family’s desires for your son, things quickly go south.

This was a cringe-worthy read. It is both terrifying and hard to swallow. The power that the state holds without even a jury over the lives of children and their parents with little or no context into the lives of families. A social worker makes some home visits, interviews the parents, and a “specialist” comes in to make some generalized remarks–those seemingly subjective observations decide the future of an entire family.

It is a horrifying prospect to say the least.

Get a copy of “Playing Nice” by JP Delaney from Amazon here.



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