Palm Springs #MovieReview #Hulu

“Palm Springs,” a Hulu original film starring Andy Sandberg, Christin Milioti, J.K. Simmons, Peter Gallagher, and others was like a remake of Bill Murray’s classic comedy, “Groundhog Day.”

Nyles (Andy Sandberg) is a plus one at his girlfriend’s friend’s wedding and Sarah (Christin Milioti) is the Maid of Honor. After an earthquake outside of Palm Springs opens up a Black Hole, Andy finds that he is waking up over and over the same morning of the wedding every day. On one of the many nights he has lived over and over again, he seduces Sarah, looking to make a connection when all hell breaks loose and she gets drawn into the same Black Hole and she too, wakes up the same morning.

As far as the plot goes, I wouldn’t want to say more and give anything away. But I really loved the brand of comedy that Sandberg and Milioti bring as they try to create some sort of meaning and purpose in the endless loop that never advances beyond that day. There are some interesting physics implications which made this movie besides being a rom-com, also science fiction if I may.

I think some of the “big questions” of life could be found in the funny film that really comes down to meaning and purpose in life and pursuing that is the main reason to live.

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