Leave the World Behind by Rumaan Alam #BookReview

“Leave the World Behind” by Rumaan Alam

“Leave the World Behind” by Rumaan Alam is a thrilling, pre-apocalyptic novel about the event that ended life as we know it in the U.S.

It tells the story of a family from New York City that goes upstate to a VRBO in a remote, wooded area when a life-altering event hits the United States affecting everyone and everything in the world. The best part of the novel is how those affected have no idea what is going on, and that this event will forever change their lives.

What would you do if the Internet suddenly stops working? You lose the cell signal in your phone. Your television can’t pick up any stations. And then a momentary high-pitch sound booms out leaving everything after that moment forever changed.

I hope I am not giving too much away, but this book is a mysterious, thriller where little detail and much wondering makes your thoughts race and connections you thought impossible come into focus. This was a perfect mystery that remains unresolved and yet leaves you wanting more.

Get a copy of “Leave the World Behind” by Rumaan Alam from Amazon here.

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