Invasive by Chuck Wendig #BookReview

Invasive” by Chuck Wendig

I love Chuck Wendig’s books. “Invasive,” the second book in the Zer0es series, about Hannah, a Futurist consultant with the FBI, who finds a dead hiker in an abandoned cabin with some of his skin missing off his corpse and a pile of dead ants besides him.

I didn’t read the first book in this series, but it doesn’t seem like it would have added much to this novel. Wendig’s book is full of detailed and scientifically accurate theories that if they were carried out what the natural consequences would be. This story is one about genetically-modified super ants that contain lethal venom that paralyzes victims and then harvest the fungus on the skin taking it along with it to build their nest.

This is an eerie science fiction novel about the precarious balance of the environment and the manifold natural disasters waiting to be unleashed on the world. This was a mysterious thriller, bordering on horror, as the climax rises.

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