Tales from the Loop #SciFi #AmazonPrime

I just finished “Tales from the Loop” on Amazon Prime and I want to watch it again!

“Tales from the Loop” is a new sci-fi, thriller on Amazon Prime that is one part “Twilight Zone” and another part “Lost” during the Dharma Initiative days.

There are some strange happenings in the town of Mercer, Ohio, a scientific community that built a machine called “The Loop” underground to conduct scientific studies where they manipulate the laws of science to some astounding results.

The premiere series is eight, one-hour long episodes, but they are so interesting and the implications are so fascinating that after binging the season and watching snippets from the trailer again seeing connections that I didn’t see the first time through, I want to go back and try to find all the pieces I might have missed.

The main stars of the show include Daniel Zolghadri (as Jakob), Paul Schneider (as George), Rebecca Hall (as Loretta), Ato Essandoh (as Gaddis), Duncan Joiner (as Cole), and Jonathan Pryce (as Russ) among others. The series was created by Nathaniel Halpern. Directors of various episodes include Jodie Foster, Andrew Stanton, So Yong Kim, Charlie McDowell, Dearbhla Walsh, and others. Simon Stålenhag and Halpern co-wrote all of the episodes.

The taut tension throughout every episode keeps the viewer on the edge of their seat, which is aided by an amazing score by Philip Glass and Paul Leonard-Morgan. There is an hour-long YouTube video dedicated to the score alone that you can watch/listen to here.

If you like a thought-provoking show filled with mystery that will always keep you guessing, check out, “Tales from the Loop” streaming on Amazon Prime here.



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