Just Like Heaven by Brandon Lake #BethelMusic #Worship #Inspiration

The presence of God is “just like heaven.” I think that experience is the closest thing on earth to finding a full and complete joy and an utterly serene peace. Everything falls away and it is just you and Him.

This song reminds me of that feeling. Sit back and relax. Wait in His presence. Open your ears and hear the truth He is speaking to you.

“Just Like Heaven” Lyrics by Brandon Lake are below:

Verse 1:
Isn’t it just like Heaven
When You walk into the room
There’s not a thing that’s hidden
When every eye is on You
Can’t get enough of Your presence
It’s the perfect point of view
Isn’t it just like, just like
Just like Heaven

Ooh, come a little closer, stay a little longer
Ooh, I can’t get enough of You

Doesn’t it sound like Heaven
When You’re singing over me
There’s not a voice more constant
Your melodies they never cease
Here I will stand in Your presence
In my true identity
Doesn’t it sound like, yeah it sounds like
Just like Heaven

Holy, You are holy
You’re such a perfect Father
I’ll worship You forever
Holy, You are holy
I’ll lay down any treasure
For us to be together

I can’t get enough
I can’t get enough

I can’t get enough of You
I can’t get enough of You

Written by Brandon Lake, Jeff Schneeweis, Jacob Sooter

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