Irresistible #MovieReview #Politics

It’s one of my least favorite times and it comes around every four years. Unfortunately, because of his need for constant attention, the last four years have seemed like one long election year. But Jon Stewart put out a new comedy in June 2020 called “Irresistible” starring Steve Carrell, Rose Byrne, Mackenzie Davis, and Chris Cooper.

This movie isn’t really about politics, besides some laughs at the ploys that Democrats and Republicans use to stir up their base, but instead it is about way the political parties use money via Super PACs to win elections. While bribes to public officials are illegal, there is little to no regulation regarding the way that Super PACs pump money into a politician’s campaign airing smear ads, employing high-tech polling metrics and analytics to predict people’s preferences and their likelihood of voting for one candidate over another.

Money… money… money… money… while small town America goes bankrupt and rural schools close and factories move away to somewhere with a bigger workforce leaving dying towns in their wake.

The movie itself was entertaining but I could have done without some of the over-the-top and oftentimes raunchy humor. I thought there was a lot to think about in how we’ve created a “politics economy” through all the money that goes into electing a president, senator, or even local mayor.

The movie was written and directed by Jon Stewart and is streaming Amazon Prime here.


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