Miracle Creek by Angie Kim #BookReview

“Miracle Creek” by Angie Kim

“Miracle Creek,” Angie Kim’s debut novel was a page-turner! I really enjoyed this book about South Korean immigrants who have setup HBOT treatments to deliver pure oxygen for one-hour “dives” as alternative medicine for sufferers of such illnesses ranging from infertility to autism. When a fire sparks an explosion at the facility, the ensuing investigation and trial of a mother who was burned out with the care required for her special needs child, as the one who lit the fire causing the explosion that killed two and injured several others, including her own son.

The content and the situation was heart-wrenching for all of the participants, but the way that Kim constructed the story, flashback between each person involved first-person recollections, to testimony in court, to secret conversations behind closed doors, the mystery and build up to the “real” story was performed with exquisite detail.

I loved the character development of each person’s background, upbringing, history, and their motives for the murder. This book is a murder-mystery like no other!

Get a copy of “Miracle Creek” by Angie Kim on Amazon here.


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