The Resisters by Gish Jen #BookReview

“The Resisters” by Gish Jen

Wow! I am not sure how to describe this book. There was so much in it that you can see coming down the pipe as things in artificial intelligence (AI), mind control, class systems between the 1% and the rest of us, the civil unrest and racism that is as rampant as ever, and so many more things, that this not-so-distant future seems plausible.

“The Resisters” by Gish Jen is an insightful look into a dystopian future of capitalism where there are consumers and there are producers. The consumers are the second-class citizens that need to consume to prop up the economy, and the wealthy “netted” are educated and are innovating technological advancements.

The book is not only a new twist on the dystopian, futuristic civilization that we are marching towards but it is also a book about baseball of the future. The professional leagues are coed full of genetically enhanced players that are bred to be superior ballplayers. The U.S. has become AutoAmerica controlled by “Aunt Nettie,” the future’s Big Brother algorithm that has produced an army of bots that control things.

Ms. Jen filled her cautionary tale with a number of important issues that we struggle with today that have all been resolved in the worst possible way. The class system, racism, colorism, capitalism taken to the nth degree that it adversely affects all of humanity, the inherent value of human life, AI, smart homes, and so much more.

It took me a little bit of time to get through the first few parts as it started off slow, but as it continued the story engaged me and adding in the backdrop of baseball, the story had its own stylistic flair.

“The Resisters” was a great read with lots to talk about with friends or in a book club.

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