Louisiana’s Way Home by Kate DiCamillo #Inspiration #Journey #BookReview

“Louisiana’s Way Home” by Kate DiCamillo

We finished the last book in the Three Rancheros series by Kate DiCamillo, “Louisiana’s Way Home.” Actually, it is the second book in the trilogy, but I started with the series finale, “Beverly, Right Here.” Like I’ve stated before, reading this in the order they were written didn’t make a big difference.

The series opener, “Raymie Nightingale” introduced the Three Rancheros, Raymie Clarke, Beverly Tapinski and Louisiana Elefante. That book was mostly about Raymie and the challenges she faced. “Louisiana’s Way Home” focuses on Louisiana. In the middle of the night, Granny Elefante tells Louisiana to get up because they are headed out on the move… again. Louisiana resists her Granny’s latest unwelcome upheaval in her life, and about had it with her antics.

The story has engaging themes for young readers such as agency and independence, it also covers serious topics like adoption, death, and abandonment. As with every DiCamilllo book for young readers it doesn’t shy away with life’s unpleasantness and again insists that the only way to face an issue is head on.

I am undecided whether this book or “Beverly, Right Here” is my favorite in the series. Either way I hope to read the entire series again sometime soon.

Get a copy of “Louisiana’s Way Home” by Kate DiCamillo from Amazon here.



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