Shed a Tear #Art #Abstract #Journey

Shed a Tear / Artwork by Jason A. Muckley Β© 2020

I made this painting the other night.

It is a loosely drawn outline of the United States with heavy rain clouds looming over it. There’s a sense of pending doom.

What do you think? Is there anything you see in it?

Your feedback is greatly appreciated!

😁 – Jason



  1. When I look at this painting I see the USA as a reflection at the bottom of the sea with rain about to fall to the already full sea. ( I am no art critic, it is just how I see your painting) It feels like impending doom.

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  2. I’m guessing that depending on one’s perspective, everyone is going to see that cloud of doom as something different πŸ™‚ I see a city in there as well….


  3. I can see the loose lining of the United States. I see a heavy cloud over head. I also colors that are still there, and trying to come out. Colors, and the cloud I see as God doing a work on the United States to given back its outline. It still has a lot of life in it!

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