Diversity Day #TheOffice #Funny

This episode of “The Office” would not have gotten made in the current political climate.

This scene about stereotypes and labels and fitting in is a sad reality that still exists here in the U.S. even if people don’t dare to say it out loud.

Something that I’ve learned about people who are different from me, is that you cannot judge others based on outward appearances. You cannot judge people based on stereotypes. You cannot even judge people based on previous experiences with others you might mentally associate them with.

Humor is best utlized as a tool to reveal our own prejudices and blind spots. It makes us think about wrong ideas and patterns that we have fallen into without even realizing it.

Take a moment to think about the people you work with, your neighbors, the people you see in the grocery store and make an effort to engage with them, smile at them, talk to them about their day to help break down barriers between yourself and those that might be different from you. You might be surprised that they are actually not as different as you think they are.

– Jason


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  1. We can turn America’s love to hate around. The problem is not those who perpetuate hatred, it’s those who witness it and say nothing. Your “Diversity Day” piece is a commendable of someone tryna come reach beyond cultural prejudice taught as survival.

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