What Harvard is Like #Funny #ColinJost #AVeryPunchableFace

“A Very Punchable Face” by Colin Jost

The religious kids were really religious, the kind who push religion on others in a way that always freaks me out. They are like people who keep telling me, “You have to see Hamilton!” Honestly, no I don’t and the more you keep telling me, the less likely I am to actually see it. Though I have subsequently seen “Hamilton” and it’s excellent.

– Colin Jost, A Very Punchable Face

This is hilarious! What makes it even more funny is that I have some friends who went to college in Boston who are very religious. Apparently, Colin Jost went to Harvard. He is now a writer on SNL and host of fake news on recurring skit, “Weekend Update.”

This book is sooooo funny!

I am loving “A Very Punchable Face” by Colin Jost, much more than a “A Very Stable Genius,” which was funny for all the wrong reasons… yikes!

Get a copy of “A Very Punchable Face” by Colin Jost on Amazon here.


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