Sea Change #Poetry #Journey

Photo by Claire Fischer on Unsplash

the stirring of the sea
a roiling of the water
the surface disturbed
as the wind descends
unsettling what was
the past

© 2020 Jason A. Muckley

If you enjoyed this “ocean” poem, please consider purchasing my chapbook of poetry “Relentless Force,” which includes an entire section of poems about the ocean and the beach. Follow the links below to order:

“Relentless Force” by Jason A. Muckley

“Relentless Force” contains over forty poems written consecutively over a 2-month period exploring themes of play and rest. The poetry is filled with a positive message about love, family, and fun. The poems take a closer look at the day-to-day interactions and encounters that we often take for granted, but have a meaningful impact to our lives as a whole. The moments and memories of our lives really are all that we have when we reflect on the past.

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“Relentless Force” has also recently been added to a new collection of chapbooks published by Jason A. Muckley into a new full-length book of poetry titled, “Oceans of Unknown.”

“Oceans of Unknown” by Jason A. Muckley

“Oceans of Unknown” includes three previously published chapbooks, “Relentless Force,” “Looking Outside the Window,” and “Faith & Doubt” into a single, cohesive full-length collection of poems, while retaining distinctions for each book. “Oceans of Unknown” includes a new introduction to all three works as well as an index for quick reference to the location of a favorite poem.

Get “Oceans of Unknown” as an eBook from Amazon here.
Get “Oceans of Unknown” as a paperback from Amazon here.



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