The Job of a Parent #Inspiration #Quote #Journey

Photo by Daniela Dimitrova on Pixabay

“What is the job of a parent, but to teach a child she has worth so that one day she can transform herself into whatever she wants.”

-Stacey Lee, The Downstairs Girl

I loved “The Downstairs Girl” by Stacey Lee because of quotes like this! It is such a great story with lots of inspirational quotes like this one! I felt like it hit all of the right chords with me. I laughed and cried and was inspired by this excellent book.

This quote comes at the very end of the book, but I believe it is a universal truth for all parents. It is about teaching your children their true worth and being quick to encourage and let them try things, rather than telling them, “No” or trying to correct something you think might not go favorably.

It is about encouraging your children to follow their passions and desires where they may lead rather than taking an easier or safer route. This is a challenge because of your love for your child, but it is also how you love them so that they can becme all that they are meant to be.

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