Shadow Fall by Alexander Freed #StarWars #AlphabetSquadron #BookReview

“Shadow Fall” by Alexander Freed

Alexander Freed’s second installment in his Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron series, Shadow Fall, finds the fledgling squadron in the New Republic in a new engagement with the Empire’s 204th Shadow Wing squadron, responsible for destroying a planet after Emperor Palpatine was destroyed in the last Death Star.

This was a new and interesting Star Wars story of humanoids battling across the galaxy far, far away. Freed’s attention to detail sometimes drags in the book. But there is a very unexpected twist as the squadron’s loyalties are stretched thin and it seems like both squadrons will do anything to get back to their respective sides home base.

Ultimately, this book was good, not great. It was good enough to continue reading books in the series to see where things will end up next.

Get a copy of “Shadow Fall” by Alexander Freed on Amazon here.


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