Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed #StarWars #AmReading #BookReview

Alphabet Squadron by Alexander Freed

If you don’t know by now guys, I am a nerd. I love Star Wars, and science fiction, and reading in general. Also, I love a good Star Wars audiobook. Alexander Freed’s book, Alphabet Squadron, the first in a new series, was an entertaining start to something new in a galaxy far, far away. The Alphabet Squadron is a new rag-tag group in the New Republic after their decisive victory at Endor defeating the Emperor and destroying another Death Star.

The squadron is made up of five pilots from backgrounds so different that it is a wonder that they can even stand being in the same room let alone working together for the New Republic. However, after they are assembled they find they all have a common enemy, the Shadow Wing, a special TIE squadron that are wreaking havoc throughout the galaxy.

Parts of the book drags in tedium, but for the most part the story is engaging and enjoyable. The character development and backgrounds that Freed constructs is well done and at the end of the novel, you are left wanting more. All in all, as an audiobook, this was a stimulating read.

Get a copy of “Alphabet Squadron” by Alexander Freed here on Amazon.



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