Coming Soon… Free Samples of my Poetry Collections #FREE #Sample

Relentless Force / Poems For Warriors / Seasons of Nature / Faith & Doubt Poetry Collections

Stay tuned, this week I will be providing PDF samples of my latest poetry collections here on my blog.

Expect the first sample to be from my newest poetry collection, “Relentless Force” later this week. If you want a paperback copy of “Relentless Force,” it is available now on Amazon here.

The Kindle version of “Relentless Force” is now available for pre-order on Amazon. The eBook will be released on July 14.

Regarding the only collection not included in these samples, “Looking Outside the Window” will be available free on Amazon for a few days next week, so hold tight!

Get a copy of any of my poetry collections from Amazon on my Author page here.

Thank you for your support here on my blog and by ordering copies of my poetry collections!

– Jason


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