Legend by Marie Lu #BookReview

“Legend” by Marie Lu

Let me start off by saying that YA, post-apocalyptic, thrillers are not my thing. However, “Legend” by Marie Lu, the first book in the Legend series was not half bad. I liked the way that Ms. Lu setup the story and as a lot of books are utilizing nowadays, there is an interesting back-and-forth stream of consciousness employed by Lu.

The main characters are June, a super-smart officer, just about to graduate college at the age of 15, from a wealthy family with all of the connections. Opposite her is Day, a street-smart kid from a poor family, with a brother who has just been infected with a new plague, threatening to destroy Los Angeles.

A lot of the plot is a mix of Hunger Games with a number of similar post-apocalyptic, evil government controlling people’s actions and status based on restrictions that the people cannot change. Yeah, the story is not the most original one I’ve ever come across.

In the end, however, everything “works.” I am rooting for the good guys against impossible odds to overthrow the dictatorial government. There are at least four more books in the series (as of 2020) and I recommend this first one. Though, I am not sure if I plan to check out the remaining novels in the series.

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