Fun In The Sun Challenge Wrap Up #Journey #FunInTheSun #Summer2020

What a recap! Thank you everyone for following along during my Fun In the Sun challenge. Make sure you take some time to review all of your favorites this week. Next week, all of my posts will be taken down to prepare for publishing my next poetry collection.

If you missed any of the posts during the challenge, click on the banner above to be redirected to all of the poems sorted under the challenge’s hashtag: #FunInTheSun.

Here’s a recap of the most well-loved “Fun In the Sun” Poems (click the link to read it):

As I shared yesterday, I am working on a new chapbook utilizing some of the best poems from the challenge. If you loved the poetry I published during the challenge, I would love it if you would consider purchasing my book as either an eBook or paperback!

The collection is available for pre-order on Amazon via the link below. My expected publication date is July 14.

Pre-order “Relentless Force: Poems” on Amazon here.

What were your favorite poems in the series? Share a favorite verse in the comments below!

– Jason


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