The Fun In The Sun Challenge is over! #Journey #FunInTheSun #Summer2020

Wow! Time really flew by over the past 42 days during the Fun In The Sun Poetry Challenge!

I can’t believe I stayed on task long enough for that many days and that many poems around a single theme.

If you missed any of the posts during the challenge, click on the banner above to be redirected to all of the poems sorted under the challenge’s hashtag: #FunInTheSun.

I want to take all of next week to reflect on my favorites (and your favorites too) with a countdown of the most popular poems during the challenge. I am going to countdown the top 7 poems starting tomorrow, every day, Monday through Sunday.

Finally, I am working on a new chapbook utilizing some of the best poems from the challenge too. In order to publish these with Amazon KDP, it is easier if I take down the poems from my site, at least temporarily before submitting the manuscript.

So the plan is to finish collecting the poems, organize them into some sort of flow and then publish around July 6 after the long holiday weekend. It can take up to a week after submitting everything to go live, so I don’t anticipate it will be ready to buy/read until maybe July 13 or 14?

What were your favorite poems in the series? Share a favorite verse in the comments below!

– Jason



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