The River by Peter Heller #BookReview #Journey

“The River” is Peter Heller’s newest thriller about a couple of young men on a canoe on Maskwa River in northern Canada.

The story centers around two best friends, Jack, a rugged outdoorsman from Colorado, and Wynn, a tender Vermonter, who loves nothing more than being on the water, who take a long canoe trip during their summer vacation with months-worth of provisions and supplies. They go out trying to prove they can handle the rough terrain and the remote environs.

Everything changes when they smell smoke and run into some unexpected visitors on the water leading to some developments that will forever change both of them.

Heller’s detailed way of setting up the backdrop to his story was excellent. You get a clear picture in your mind’s eye of being out in the wild, on the water, and working through your future and your present with a friend in a new way.

I really enjoyed this book!

Get a copy of “The River” by Peter Heller on Amazon here.

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