There’s Never as Much Time to Read When There’s No One There to Make You Do It #AmReading #AnnPatchett #TheDutchHouse

“I don’t keep up the way I should. That’s the real drag about graduating. There’s never as much time to read when there’s no one there to make you do it.”

– Ann Patchett, The Dutch House

I am loving Ann Patchett’s latest book, “The Dutch House.” This quote was a way Danny’s sister Maeve drew her sister and his future wife into a life-long journey of marriage and companionship at a train depot in Jenkintown, Pennsylvania.

I am listening to this beautiful novel of literary fiction narrated by the unequaled Tom Hanks. I can’t put the book down. I literally laughed out loud after hearing this passage, knowing exactly what was to come next. I have really enjoyed this book so far. Ms. Patchett is a spellbinding storyteller, both engaging and entertaining. She is very detailed in the many facets of both the characters and the setting throughout the telling of her story.

Her writing makes me want to write a novel too.

Have you ever read, watched, or seen something that stirred your own creative juices?

Not that I think I could match the storytelling abilities she has honed over the years, but because the creativity she injects in her story makes me want to tap into my own creativity. What creative works are inspiring you right now?

Get a copy of “The Dutch House” by Ann Patchett from Amazon here.


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