The Body by Bill Bryson #BookReview #Inspiration #Journey #SALE

The Body_Bill Bryson

This is the first Bill Bryson book I’ve read and I loved it!

The subheading of Bryson’s “The Body” is a guide for occupants…. I thought this description of the book was perfect. Bryson does a deep dive into the latest medical science on the latest discoveries, busting myths and does the best job that I’ve read in recent years summarizing new science on reproduction, sleep, skin and hair, microbiology, all the way down to disease and even cancer. One chapter covers recent pandemics and outbreaks is regional areas that affecting both the developing world and even Western civilization.

His book is a whole body explanation to almost every part of who you are in the physical world.

The eBook Kindle version of “The Body” by Bill Bryson is on SALE for only $4.99 on Amazon for a limited time. Get it here!



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