Dark Matter by Blake Crouch #BookReview #SciFi #Thriller


“Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch is a sci-fi thriller about time travel and quantum physics. It is a smart, thought-provoking novel about the consequences and effects of multiple universes and converging timelines.

The other book I’ve read by Blake Crouch, “Recursion” has a similar premise but I think I like “Dark Matter” even more. There was more connection to the characters, especially for me. The lead protagonist is Jason. There is some interesting character development and a believable story that addresses the psychological impact of searching for your family across multiverses, looking for a grain of sand on an infinite beach.

This was a great read for anyone who enjoys science fiction, or thrillers looking for a new perspective on our existence.

Get a copy of “Dark Matter” by Blake Crouch on Amazon here.



  1. I like to think about multi-universes and time travel so I would probably like to read this book. One movie I watched maybe 10 times was ‘Somewhere in Time’ with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve, Christopher Plummer. It is a 1980’s movie.

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