The Sun Down Motel by Simone St. James #BookReview #Novel #Thriller

The Sun Down Motel_Simone St James

Simone St. James’ new murder-mystery thriller, “The Sun Down Motel” was a suspenseful, page-turner. It was a book that I found I couldn’t put down. It had two, dueling narrators that moves in and out of time. One narrator is Viv, a 20-year-old woman who has finally left home in search of something else, who lands in Fell, New York, a small town upstate. The other is Carly, Viv’s college-aged niece, who has come to Fell in search of her aunt who disappeared 35 years ago.

The stream of consciousness format employed by St. James enhances the thrilling aspects of this book. St. James does an excellent job gripping readers from the very first page and keeping them constantly engaged as the history of Viv is expounded. Until the very end of the book, the readers are kept in the dark to who the murderer is and then an unexpected twist stuns the reader.

This was a very good read and will prompt me to seek out some of the other thrillers St. James has previously written.

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