Light of My Life #MovieReview #Streaming #AmazonPrime

Light of My Life_still

Looking for an interesting, post-apocalyptic thriller to stream while in quarantine during the Coronavirus pandemic? Check out “Light of My Life” now streaming for free with an Amazon Prime subscription.

Casey Affleck is the lead actor in “Light of My Life,” which he also directed and was the screenwriter. Alongside Affleck, Anna Pniowsky also stars in the film. Elisabeth Moss plays Affleck’s wife and Pniowsky’s mother in a few flashback scenes.

Now, there are some issues with the film, it starts with a long, drawn out bedtime story, retelling the Bible story about Noah’s Ark with some odd additions.

Now, besides some of the unpolished aspects of the film, it is an interesting story line, where a global deadly pandemic that only affected women has devastated the world’s population wiping out most women off the face of the earth. Affleck and Pniowsky are hiding in the woods, staying away from people in this “road” thriller where the young girl keeps her hair straight and pretends to be a boy to keep from raising suspicions.

What I found most interesting was how a pandemic as described in this film that affects only one sex, would likely impact the rest of the world. Overlooking some of its obvious flaws, the film was fascinating, thrilling, and not bad all things considered. A good watch for quarantine.


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