We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite by Conyer Clayton #BookReview #Poetry #NetGalley #WeShedOurSkinLikeDynamite

We Shed Our Skin Like Dyamite

Conyer Clayton’s debut full-length collection of poetry, “We Shed Our Skin Like Dynamite” was a visual journey through the ups and downs of life. Her collection abounded with metaphors and imagery of childhood and the mental pictures that make up a life.

There is a mature depth to her work. It is not straightforward poetry, but requires some “digging” to uncover meaning and understanding. Some will bristle at this style of poetry. I believe with some hard work and an open mind most people appreciative of poetry as an art would enjoy this collection.

Ms. Clayton has previously published six other chapbooks, collaborated with Nathanael Larochette to produce an album, and her poetry has been featured in numerous magazines and literary publications.

I received this as an eBook from Guernica Editions via NetGalley in exchange for an honest and unbiased review of the title. I did not receive any compensation from either company. The opinions expressed herein are completely my own.



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