The Silent Patient #BookReview #AmReading #Thriller

The Silent Patient_Alex Michaelides

Alex Michaelides’ psychological thriller, “The Silent Patient” is a page-turner full of twists and turns. It keeps your constant attention and always guessing about what is really going on. The power of the story is the slow reveal that always seems to elude the reader.

The plot of the novel is a woman has murdered her husband but will not speak. She doesn’t defend herself or say anything in court. She has gone mute and her reaction to the murder lands her in a mental health facility rather than jail as a criminal psychotherapist has argued that this type of response lends more to her mental instability than her malicious intent. Enter Theo Faber a criminal psychotherapist who followed the case and followed her to the facility she’s being treated at with an interest in “healing” her, wanting to “fix” her because he secretly sympathizes with her as his own past wounds seem to mirror hers.

This was a very interesting read with a lot of potential. It kept me engaged throughout and I wanted it to keep on going. When it did end I was a bit disappointed. I thought it a little to abrupt, however, I was pleased with the way it wrapped up. On the whole, it was an enjoyable read.



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