3,000 Followers!!! #Journey #Blog


Hi friends, I have something new to celebrate…

For the past couple months I have been eyeing another blogging milestone… Today, I have now eclipsed the 3,000 followers mark!!!

Thank you everyone for all of your support. Thank you for regularly visiting, posting comments, engaging with me and my work here on jasonamuckley.com.

I really appreciate all of you. Thank you for your support of my poetry and art. Thank you for buying my book. Soon I will be looking for some friends who are willing to get a free copy of the Seasons of Nature eBook (pdf version) to review on sites like Amazon and Goodreads and even to share on your own blog. I am willing to return the favor for anyone trying to promote their own works too. If you are interesting in talking about it, email me jason@jasonamuckley.comΒ πŸ˜€

I also have some ideas for giving away copies of my book and I am working on other ways of promoting my new book.

It is an exciting time for me as I look to continue to connect with you all and new friends. Thank you for all of your support and encouragement! Love you! ❀

– Jason




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