Nothing “New” to Publish #Journey #AmWriting


So it’s been a few days, maybe weeks, now since I’ve written something new, as far as poetry, to share here on my blog.

This past month I just released my new collection of poetry, “Seasons of Nature” available on Amazon. If you haven’t gotten your copy yet, I would very much appreciate it if you did 😁 If you have purchased it, thank you – thank you – thank you!!!

I have been sharing some poetry that I am revisiting again months and in some cases years later. It is a fun experience. It is interesting to see with hindsight what you have done before, relive those emotions and feelings that the experience evoked for you to put the words on the paper in that way.

That’s what I love about poetry though. It is really about capturing a feeling, a sensation, an experience, a moment in time that affected you so much that you the thought came into your mind, I need to write that down.

There is something about it that is both therapeutic and cathartic. It is another way of processing those moments in a different way. It isn’t talking to someone with an insecurity about how you might be perceived. It isn’t some internal stewing about something. Instead, it is pouring out your heart and your thoughts and your feelings that lasts for a few moments and is captured forever.

One of the greatest motivators I have for continuing to write, and for continuing to write poetry in specific, is to share my own journey, my struggles, the ups and downs, my processing in the hopes of finding someone else who has been there and can help me through it or that is going through a similar experience as well and I can relate to and we can mutually help one another.

It is also a main motivator of publishing my poetry beyond my blog. There might be someone who has never visited me here that stumbles across my book and I can speak to them and connect with them through it in a different way.

Most of the people I meet here are fellow bloggers. They have amazing, beautiful, creative art to share with the world and are interested in meeting like-minded people. It is a wonderful community of people here on WordPress. I love you all. I am so thankful for the many supporters and encouragers I have found here. But what about people who aren’t bloggers?

A few people find me through the inspirational quotes I share. They might search for a famous person or have a excerpt of a quote I have posted and are connected to my site and my opinion on that inspirational quote. It is another way to connect with people here.

I also enjoy sharing others’ inspirational art, music, poetry, fiction, nonfiction that has meant something to me. I want to connect you with your fellow creative types and be inspired too. That is something I care about and want to continue to do.

Okay, so I think I have been rambling now, but what am I trying to say?

You might not have noticed that it has been awhile since my newest bit of verse has been published here. It’s not on purpose. I am not holding out on you. Writing is seasonal too, like many others things in life. I am sure there is a spurt of poetry ready to spring out of me soon so… get ready!

– Jason



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