Sweet Caroline #Poetry #Journey #Fenway

Fenway Park_Night Game

Staring up at the gray, dark night
Fenway’s lights gleaming
Casting shadows
of two become one

Our bodies melded together
Warmth emanating between us
Your long hair strewn on my shoulder
Swaying softly

Dancing hip to hip
The old familiar tune
Starts up – reviving memories
Moments of a life

Some have past
Long gone
Others await us
This song, an anthem of hope

We are joined by
Thirty-seven thousand
Singing their hearts out
Lauding the oneness of longing

© 2020 Jason A. Muckley


  1. This is a very exceptional play on words, and imagery. Wow. It could be a mix of someone’s desire for Baseball, and a mix of someone’s desire for a human being.

    Wow, Jason. That is pretty phenomenal. Very well done.


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