Ford v. Ferrari #MovieReview #Inspiration


James Mangold’s crowd-pleaser, “Ford v. Ferrari,” is this year’s fan-favorite Oscar movie selection for Best Picture. Every year the Academy seems to sprinkle in a feel-good movie with some notable stars with a positive message that really doesn’t have a chance to win.

This year it is “Ford v. Ferrari.”

The story is about Ford’s harebrained idea to make a car that can compete with Ferrari and win the 24-hour long Le Mans in France. It centers around the renegade, retired racer, Carroll Shelby, and his scrappy driver, Ken Miles, and their clashes with the corporate brass at Ford that have an image to project.

It is an exciting movie that is funny and thrilling. It has its ups and downs along the way as the team works to make things just right for the race. There is joy and tears along the ride.

The cast is headed by Matt Damon who plays Carroll Shelby and Christian Bales who portrays Ken Miles. The film got Oscar nominations for Best Picture, Best Film Editing, Best Sound Editing and Best Sound Mixing.

Overall, I thought the movie was entertaining and enjoyable. It stirred emotion in me as I followed along with the struggle and the message was positive. I liked it.

But like I said before, I don’t believe there is any way it wins Best Picture.

– Jason


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