Anew by Hollow Coves #Inspiration #Music

Really cool music video by one of my new, favorite bands, Hollow Coves. They are really chill. Their music is refreshing and relaxing.

Anew lyrics by Hollow Coves from the album, ‘Moments.’

When the snow starts to fall
And you’re buried down beneath it all
When the light fades away
If you lose your breath and the words to say

Tides will turn, rest assured
‘Cause seasons pass, a new day dawns
And through the clouds the sun will shine
To guide you home into the light

Let us follow where rivers flow
Let’s see how far we can go
When it feels like you’re out on your own
Hear the voice that’s calling you home

You’ve still got so much more to say
Don’t let this life you have slip away
(Live for another day)
The sun will rise with each new day
Don’t let this life…

Check out the full album on Amazon.

Hollow Coves_Moments

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