Books I Want to Read in 2020 #Journey #BookList #Goals #Inspiration

Photo by Jonas Jacobsson on Unsplash

I’ve set my reading goal on Goodreads in 2020 for 100 books. Last year, my goal was 80 books and I read 131 books in all.

To some, that might sound impossible. I like to read. A lot. There was a period of time (the last ten years) where marriage and three kids didn’t allow me very much time to read. My kids are still a very important part of my life. My marriage is over. So I guess it was my marriage that held me back from all of my books. Just kidding… maybe.

Now, some of the books I read were children’s books. I tried to not “count” them in my 80 books I read last year. Some of them were counted because of how I reviewed them on Goodreads. Some of the books I read were children’s chapter books. Some were short and others were quite long. I counted those. Some of the books I read were poetry chapbooks from fellow bloggers and, in general, poetry books are on the order of 100 pages or so.

I also love audiobooks. Some people say that those don’t count… I don’t get it. Maybe I am a child at heart and like to have someone read the book to me. To me, it’s like saying the only way to count something as learning is if you see it (visual learning), not hear it (audible learning), or touch it (kinetic learning). If you are one of those people, don’t be offended, but I think there is something under the surface you need to deal with.

Finally, it is not about comparison. I am not trying to brag about how many books I’ve read. It doesn’t make me smarter, or better, or more important than you. I am not looking up my friends on Goodreads and comparing my numbers. The reading goal is about getting motivated to read. It is about setting a personal goal and having accountability to accomplish that goal.

I might have a few slight advantages in my reading too. I am a “professional reader” with NetGalley, which offers me free advanced release copies (arc) of upcoming books that I can request for free in exchange for an honest review. I was approved by NetGalley because I have this wonderful blog, a platform to share those reviews. I do not share every review I post here, only the ones I feel are relevant to my followers that I really loved. I also have a library card.

If you live within 5 miles from a local library and you don’t have a library card, you need to remedy that right away. The library has so many books in every format. My favorite place to look for new books is at my local library. I enjoy the app Libby, which connects with your library card, and has a huge collection of digital eBooks and Audiobooks available to download instantly. You can connect Libby with a personal device that has an Amazon Kindle app on it to download the books straight from Amazon for free. I also have the app Hoopla, which is another free app offered by most libraries which contains huge archives of eBooks, Audiobooks, Movies, Comics, Music, and more.

Over the next five days I will be unveiling the first fifteen books (plus a bonus book) on my book list for 2020. To me, these are the books that I must read in 2020. I am already planning on it and trying to get a copy of these so I have no excuse not to read them. Some are stand alone books and others are books as parts of series that I have already started or I am just starting this year for the first time.

If you want to “cheat” and see my list before I publish them over the next few days, check out my Goodreads list here.

What’s cool about my list on Goodreads is you can vote for books currently on the list to move them up in priority and you can add book suggestions for me to check out too. Below is a preview of the first book on my list, which I am currently reading.



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